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I’m Focused, Mannn

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

I’m Focused, Mannn

Now is the time when ladies start upping their game to get swimsuit ready. Gym membership- check; personal trainer paid for- check; exercise gear- check; nutrition plan- check; day to start- check. So it’s Monday- start day right? Oh wait it’s Monday- We all hate Mondays (that’s what we have been programmed to think, but that’s another topic for another day)…ok Tuesday, Tuesday it is- oh wait I have an all-day work meeting on Tuesday; no time for exercise and you’ll need 5 cups of coffee and 5 different kinds of unhealthy snacks to make it through your all day meeting, so start day now becomes Wednesday. We could go on and on in providing excuses that delay the start of your “get swimsuit ready” plan via the many excuses we tell ourselves on why we can’t actually begin our plan. While the excuses laid out above are those that we can call external excuses, there is a much bigger excuse we harbor within. We will call this one our internal excuse of “I don’t believe I can do this”. This is by far the most critical excuse that we need to detach ourselves from. So let’s take a step back and figure out how we move from the lack of faith that we can actually fit into that two piece swimsuit that you saw on the cover of a magazine or on T.V. to the knowing that you will, and look like the model on the magazine or T.V. while doing so.

When we set a goal for ourselves, no matter how detailed our plan is in meeting the goal, the one aspect we forget, is to believe within self that the goal is attainable. You must envision yourself in that swimsuit by the pool or on the beach. Imagine the feeling you have when you get compliments on how great you look in the swimsuit, how you feel while frolicking through the waters. As you are in the gym sweating through squats, crunches, and burpees, think about the end result of how wonderful you will feel in your new swimsuit. Know there is no other option but for you to be in that swimsuit and it fit perfectly. In keeping with our swimsuit ready plan, another practice that you lovely ladies can implement to get into that fabulous swimsuit is the art of developing a solutions focused plan. Solutions focused means that you only focus on solutions that will help you attain your goal. No more discussing the why not or how not, you only focus on the why I can and how I can. This can be done by writing and stating every morning or even throughout the day affirmations of you fitting into that swimsuit. Say it- “I look so damn good in this swimsuit”; “I feel like I am on top of the world with this swimsuit on”. You get the picture. Not feeling that? Ok cool here’s another way to stick to solutions in meeting your goal. Get a pen and paper out- write down every solution to you meeting your goal. Now you may have to think about the “problems” in meeting your swimsuit goal to get to a solution, but only write down the solutions. Example- It’s Monday, Mondays are tough- write down “on Mondays I will get up an hour earlier to go the gym”. For every problem you think of in your head write a solution for it. Keep that piece of paper; take it out every day- read it multiple times during the day. If you need accountability- send it to someone you trust. Ask them to read it and anytime they hear you state a problem or make an excuse ask them to remind you of your solutions. These are only two facets of a solutions focused plan in attaining your goals, but they are ones that are simple in executing.

So, buy that swimsuit, say your affirmations, memorize your solutions, get to the gym, and eat healthy. Then have fun in that fly swimsuit- you look great!

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