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Understanding Optimum Lifestyles by Godivine
The Phoenix - The mythical bird of reincarnation (re-birth).
Optimum lifestyle - Having the mind, body & spirit connected at the HIGHEST levels to
live and experience your best life.
Godivine - The innate inner-function of us all.
God - Power.
Divine - Divinity

What is the Mind, Body & Spirit?
MindFacilitates awareness, consciousness & thought.
Body - Facilitates energy by transmitting & receiving frequencies.
Spirit - The non-physical version of yourself that facilitates divinity,
aptitude, character, emotion, intuitiveness and intuition.

Let me introduce my self or shall I say re-introduce my self (another discussion for another day). IAM Jason Fletcher owner and CEO of OLBG, but you can call me Jay. My maturation of who IAM today took place in Jacksonville, FL. As a precocious & inquisitive child I would frequently listen to my father speak about owning or doing something that was my own and that I had a passion for. That advice remained one of the many mental seeds my father planted in me that would come to fruition. As a teen I taught myself how to play basketball so I could be great at the sport I fell in love with. That began my journey as an athlete until a freak accident in a tournament caused an injury that would ultimately lead to the end of my basketball career. Fast forward to life as a responsible adult as deemed by society- you know the corporate job, houses , cars etc. I was successful in that life but I had also not focused on my health. I was eating huge caloric meals and not consistently exercising. One day sitting on a bar stool in my home eating nachos and wings I looked at fitness magazine and it had a guy, physically fit, on the cover and I said to myself “Do you think you could get yourself to look like that again?” From that moment my physical transformation began to take place. Little did I know that through that physical transformation I’d embark upon a mental and spiritual shift within myself. As that transformation continued, I would come to know that my corporate career was not my destiny. I knew that my Mind, Body, and Spirit transformation was something that we all innately sought and I wanted to share the Universal ways in which I changed myself with others. The  passion ignited a fire that became an impetus and eventually I’d take the proverbial leap of faith to create Optimum Lifestyles by Godivine in April of 2014 and I’ve never looked back in creating my Optimum-Lifestyle, while assisting others to do the same. You see, Fitness is just a Universal gateway towards your Empowerment, it helps to facilitate the Mind, Body & Spirt connection which is essential to a whole & balanced Life experience.


Public Speaker & Moderator

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Optimum Lifestyles by Godivine

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