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News flash, we lead a revolution of evolution simply by being aware as a willing participant in your own revolution within. Revolution isn't solely about sedition, subversiveness, or a willingness to die for a specific cause or purpose. Inner-revolution is an excavation of your purpose for coming forth into this 4th-dimension of reality and living out that assignment. We need not be in competition with life, we are life's equal-counterpart; a cooperation of relation. Revolution isn't about imposing one's will, or a manipulation of reality. It is about the participation within the creation of your desires; a conscious acceptance of the role that you play, and molding the awareness into an expression of life as an oath to ourselves.

It is amazing how life is full of so many circles. Our ancient ancestors knew that everything is connected. Civilizations were built utilizing the principles and algorithms within our galaxy. As centuries have passed, this inner-knowing became more dormant. With each technological advancement, the smarter we proclaim, the more detached (dumber) we become. We consciously created limits for ourselves. The inner-technology of our feelings has been replaced with an artificial simulation of how it feels and looks to be alive. Empowerment is an awareness intertwined with intention. This perspective should be invested in and will yield far greater returns than the gains found within trivial-superficiality that inculcates a habit which inhibits one from arriving at their own identity. Your individual identity is a form of artistry, and your expressed art is the only thing that belongs to you. It can only be taken if you are ready to give it. And giving one's artistry away is a risk far greater than the threat of death.

The frontier of this society mandates that we think about everything, which means questioning everything from the foods that we consume to the faiths that we follow. The young and the old should engage in dialogue and not ageist-inquisition. The dialogue must be intense and include questions that cannot be answered but which purposes are only to be listened too and felt; Thus internally causing one to think and create an evolved sense of integrity. And to this we state our oath to; a metaphor for humanity. Empowerment is like an amethyst that is too priceless to remain unearthed. Once your empowerment is inwardly unearthed, evolution must fill in the space that has become vacant in order to breach commonality, to lapse the invented reality known as: Thyself, and to stifle egotism. This is the individual revolutionary war that we must wage in the 21st century; the oath that society has pledged in a world that it has never had a true opportunity in creating has us fighting a historically omnipotent force known as unawareness.

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