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Updated: Apr 8, 2021

You cannot know where you are; unless you know or simply acknowledge where you have come from. This implies that during our experience of life, there is a journey within the journey. Denouncing the notion that geosphere-topography, geographical-regions, and biosphere-continents could accurately account for the journey that we briefly experience floating in a galaxy within the universe. Squandered away are the experiences of life as we fixate our senses upon a linear-dimension such as: time- past, and the future, disconnecting ourselves from our exquisitely-unique aptitudes and receptive-awareness of the present-now. This is a malignant pernicious-propensity that humanity ignorantly perpetuates. A journey is individualistic-impermanence, as the ears, voice-texture, and fingerprints are to each of us and our physical time here; there are no two alike journeys in existence. The journey is the universe's universal cosmic-evolution of organisms, species, and nature as one; planet earth. The journey is knowing that no-thing exists independently, everything is in relation and interdependent; there can be no true separatism in nature. It is the idealistic-ego that causes habitual-monotony and a false need to cling to an ideal-world. The experience of life that is forever in a state of necessary evolution has an enormous effect/affect on the psyche of an idealistic civilization.

Einstein once stated that: "Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution." Imagination and wonder are the genesis of creation. Proliferation of imagination and unification are what is needed to build a true nation equitable to us all. Is your imagination voluntary or involuntary, are you consciously doing it, or is it happening to you subconsciously through group-thinking conformism? Revisionism is needed, recommitting ourselves free of egoistical and ideological equivocations, thus curing the perpetual cycle of creating negative realities via our ungoverned transmutational energy.

As a child, imagination was our best friend. We viewed the possibility of life as infinite. Dreams were like drawing pictures in the sand at the beach, at any moment you could wipe away that idea and start a new one again. There was no feeling of lack, only like, as a child. These subtle nuances then have become perplexing intricacies for us now as adults. We act as if the inner-being at our core differs at certain stages in life due to puberty, age, or time. A journey of life is spent trying to be somebody or something from the list of predestine options based on generational-heritage, tradition, sex, race, economic, and social statuses. What is accepted as responsible, appropriate, or trendy, and what falls under the omnipresent generic umbrella known as the: American Dream that we ignorantly in faith remain in fidelity to.

The journey is billions of years in the creating; everything that we are experiencing (life) is a byproduct of the process of evolution. Spontaneity and impulse both have receptiveness and imagination at the core. A journey is a proliferation of energy that is in-motion (emotions) that can become stable-matter or antimatter, but stable-antimatter has not yet been found to exist in the universe. A journey can consist of good and evil polarities, but good and evil cannot exist in the same moment as it is felt, and occupy the same space in time. The conundrum that humanity must face, is that most of this nation’s inhabitants do not believe in evolution, chooses faith over reality, has banished imagination into purgatory, while emanating unstable negative emotions into the stratosphere, clinging aimlessly to an ideology of bigotry, oppression, racism, racial-superiority, and hate. All of which had made America great in the minds of the antiquated white conservative-idealists whom claim to have built this nation. This is how and why America cannot deduce where it is now, and where it is going, until it is truthfully acknowledged from which she has come.

Where are you now, are you becoming or simply going along with the patterns of history? Is your individual journey in synchronization (alignment) as a cooperative-component with the journey of life? Do you use unstable emotion+imagination as a devious tool to influence the minds of others, making them ignorant towards nature, true racial progress, and evolution? A reason that is used too often can quickly morph into an excuse. We have lost our way as humans experiencing the journey of life by focusing on creating a life that is separate from the whole. We fight each other and die trying to be alive, in place of loving each other and evolving to live. Imagine that!

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